Welcome to this new blog where I will be sharing (or should that be inflicting?) my opinions, experiences, loves and hates about music.

To give you some background about myself, I’ve been crazy about music for about 35 years now. I grew up listening to the John Peel show. I loved the huge variety of music John used to play and I would religiously tape his shows and then make compilation tapes of my favourite tracks. I loved the way he would play, say, a Lee Perry tune and follow it with some 100mph skate punk track and then follow that up with an old blues song from the 1930s. All over the place really but you never got bored because you never knew what was coming next.

I don’t like the word “eclectic” but I guess that’s the best description for my taste in music and it all springs from Peelie’s radio shows really. I still have boxes of tapes of his shows in my loft and garage. Sadly most of them are compilations where I’ve edited out John’s voice! But from time to time I still play them back and even now, years later, you can still enjoy them.

I’ve also been creating music of my own for many years under various pseudonyms but only in very amateurish home-studio type of way (more about that later!).

Hopefully you will enjoy this blog and hopefully it might even acquaint you with some great music you have not heard before.